Elevated Earth was brought to life by Laila Liljedahl, a Florida + California board-certified cosmetologist & natural skincare specialist. Her main passion when starting Elevated Earth was to craft a sustainable self-care routine without unnecessary chemicals and toxins, while bringing awareness to the public about the vast amount of unrecycled waste created on a daily basis within the beauty industry.


From an early age Laila found herself drawn to all things natural and self-care oriented. Thus, her life’s purpose was revealed. She embarked on a mission to conduct market research on spas and their natural products from destinations including: Europe, The Virgin Islands, South America, Mexico, Canada, and even to the far reaches of Southeast Asia. Her daughter, Delilah, has been with her throughout most of her travels, where she first learned to walk in Thailand at 11 months! 


To say that Elevated Earth has not only been a business, but a life journey and an exploration of humanhood is an understatement. Elevated Earth is just as much a passion project as much as it is a business obsessed with loving on the planet, creating the best sustainable products, and finding people in alignment with our values. 


Wherever that may be or wherever you may go, we invite you to celebrate a sustainable self-care ritual! We are thrilled and proud to donate a portion of all Elevated Earth’s proceeds to indigenous healers whose life pursuit is to reconnect us to Mother Earth, live with spiritual purpose, and guide us to simultaneously heal ourselves and the planet. Thank you to these healers whose message we full-heartedly stand behind and aim to pass down to generations after us!

-The Elevated Earth Team

Self Care with Intention

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salt soak up close product
Salt Soaks
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bath bomb in hand over tub
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bath and shower bomb with packaging in backdrop
Bath & Shower Bombs
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Zero Waste Soy Candles
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Cedar Sunrise Shampoo Bar
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Conditioner Bar
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Forever Green Face & Body Bar Soap
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