Indigenous Healers: The Raising of Planet Earth's Vibration

Indigenous Healers: The Raising of Planet Earth's Vibration

Apr 07, 2022Laila Liljedahl

This is Arumãn (Ana)

Natural Pregnant Woman

A healer and medicine woman from west Brazil.

Story is written by Laila Liljedahl, as told by Aruman (Ana)


Her grandmother was from the Guarani tribe.She worked diligently with herbs and crafted medicine to help people.  Arumãn lived her whole childhood on and off the land. Connected with mother earth, father sky, with the water, the air, and with the fire.  She lived a magical childhood with an abundance of spiritual guides.  Finding all of the sacred forest inside her being. She was wild and free on the earth, with a special connection to animals.


She learned from the original people, the ancestor guides, and the grandmothers at a very young age, building a foundation of natural wisdom.  When the plant medicine came to her, grandmother Ayahuasca became her guide. She learned her mission from the plant medicine. She started to see shamans and healers from Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolívia and Guatemala. She was lucky to be with and learn from the grandmothers, the indigenous people, the midwifes, the healers and the curandeiras.


 She was very connected with grandmother Ayahuasca, and spent years healing herself and learning about the human beings and all their pain. She knew about the deep pain herself. She went through a deep process of understanding the healing plants. She met a Grandmother from Guatemala who gave her initiation on the sacred fire, and gave her the mission to go to the United States. At the time she didn’t have the resources. She went through other initiations in Brazil and like magic a beautiful portal opened.


Soon she found herself heading to Florida to follow her mission. She started a rise ceremony with the sacred medicines (Ayahuasca, Rape, Kambô, Sananga, and Tobacco). She also went to indigenous land in California, Colorado, Alabama, Missouri and Arizona.She had another amazing opportunity to live in Hawaii and learn from the magic island Pele the Goddess of the fire. Years were spent there on a self sustainable medicine farm. A place that she loves so much and fills her heart with an abundance of gratitude. There she touched so much wisdom and shared many healings and blessings. She also lived in Peru, with the mountain people, always learning from ancestors and guides. She went into the Buffalo sacred dance on Hopi’s tribe. A magic portal took her and her two little girls at the time to many sacred places where she met many beautiful people. She made many friends and healed many people along the way. They walked praying and healing spreading the sacred path, sacred medicines, and the greatest of all the medicines: the medicine of love.


 She is currently a single mother of four. She continues her journey on her path of sacred path of medicine with her daughters as apprentices. Spreading love and blessings to all. Learning as much as teaching. She is a mother, a high preistess, a seeker of herself, a healer of souls, a medicine woman. She dances with happiness, child of the sun, star walker. Remembering the sacred essence of the awakening to the Cosmic Love. Her mission is to help the Earth rise to a new vibration by using sacred medicines. To be able to get in to a higher vibration of love, compassion, harmony and peace on earth. She believes in a new world where we can reconnected to mother earth, heal ourselves, and live ours spiritual purpose flowing through our lives full of love, through our sacred gifts.
To spread the new planetary consciousness in to the world. She is here with you and I to rise and co-create a new fresh and elegantly beautiful world. 

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